How do I submit a grant proposal?  Follow the link provided on the granting guidelines pages. When you click on the link to the online proposal process, you will be taken to a “logon” page, where you can create an account or log on to an existing account. The proposal content required is outlined on the guidelines pages. The online system should work with all computers and web-browsers.


When are grant proposals due?  Proposals are accepted up until 11:59 pm CST on the deadline day listed under each granting initiative.  


Where does the Musser Fund make its grants? Please see the guidelines for each granting program. The geographical area for each program is different.


May I submit a partial request in order to meet the deadline and send the rest later? No. All requests must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST on the deadline date and must be complete before you submit them.


How do I decide which funding program my proposal qualifies for? My organization qualifies for more than one. This is your decision, based on your resources and needs. We cannot tell you to request money for one particular project over another.


How much money should my organization request? That is up to you based on your project. The granting parameters and dollar amounts are different for each granting program, so please read the guidelines in the individual area very carefully.


How can we make a presentation to the Board or consultant? If specific Directors are interested in visiting your organization, Musser Fund staff will call to arrange a visit.


Am I required to submit a final report? Yes. The Musser Fund requests that you provide a final report at the end of your grant period. The timing and forms for these reports are explained in your grant letter, and also on the web-page that describes each funding program. Please note that some of the funding programs have specialized forms which are available to download from the funding program webpage.


How do we know if you decide to fund us or not? Once the Musser Fund board has finalized the grant selection, a letter of notification will go out to you. You can expect to receive this notification letter within one month from the time the grants are selected by the Board. Although this date may vary slightly from year to year, it will always be by the end of February, and by the end of July.


I have questions not answered here or anywhere on your website. How can I contact you? Please email us at admin@musserfund.org or call 612-825-2024.


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   Our Mission

THE LAURA JANE MUSSER FUND was established by the estate of Laura Jane Musser of Little Falls, Minnesota to continue the personal philanthropy, which she practiced in her lifetime.

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Mary Karen Lynn-Klimenko
Grants Program Manager
(612) 825-2024
For online application links, please see the appropriate grant pages.

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