Little Falls/Morrison County

THE LAURA JANE MUSSER FUND wants to help the citizens of Little Falls and Morrison County continue to develop and maintain strong, vibrant, and healthy communities. Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to: Arts, Children, Education, and Music.

Musser Fund grants in this area are available through two distinct programs – the General Operating Support Program and the Small Grants Program.  An organization may not apply to both grant programs in one year.

In order to be eligible in this funding area, organizations must be able to demonstrate: 

  • That they are working to increase the community's access to their services through scholarships, hands-on activities, community venues, workshops, discounts, or other innovations
  • That they are working in measurable ways to increase their sustainability
  • Their capacity to engage their community in their services
  • Support from their community (through volunteerism, membership, in-kind, or other types of support)



  • Non-profit, 501(c)(3) Charitable Organizations
  • Organizations located in Morrison County, MN


GENERAL Operating Support Program

Organizations with annual expenses of $1 million or less may apply for General Operating Support in this area.

Grants in this program may be up to $10,000 per year for up to three consecutive years. Grants are provided in order to help increase sustainable, organizational strength and the ability of organizations to meet the needs of their communities.

Applications are accepted for one year of funding at a time. It is possible for organizations to apply for and receive funding for up to three consecutive years. After three consecutive years of funding, grantees are not eligible for further Musser Fund support for at least a one year period. All types of Laura Jane Musser Fund grants count towards this three-year limit. 

Grantees that request second and third years of operating support will be asked to report on their progress toward the goals they articulated in their previous year’s application, especially in the following areas:

  • Increasing access to their services
  • Increasing their organizational sustainability
  • Increasing support from their community 



There is no organizational budget size limit in this granting area.

These grants, up to $10,000, are available to support one-time small projects.

In addition to the priorities outlined above, priority is placed on organizations that: 

  • Demonstrate a clear plan and a clear need for the project or equipment
  • Demonstrate how the project or equipment will:
    • Help to increase the community's access to their services, and/or
    • Help to build organizational sustainability


  • Capital campaigns
  • Festivals and Conferences
  • Advocacy
  • Funds that will be re-granted



Proposals will be available online February 25 - March 25, 2020. Funding decisions will be announced in July of 2020.

The Laura Jane Musser Fund requires all of its grantees to provide evidence, through current policies or acknowledgement, of their anti-discrimination policies or practices.

Please carefully construct your application with the following information and attachments (see below for descriptions of the online narrative section and required attachments). We suggest you read through the descriptions below PRIOR to beginning your online application.

To Apply: click here.

Online Narrative Section:

  1. Background: Summarize your organizational background and its history in your community.
  2. Goals and Activities: Describe the goals of the organization and the activities planned during the grant period. 
  3. Participants: Describe, using qualitative and quantitative descriptions, the community members you reach with your programming.
  4. Community Access: Describe the ways that your organization works to increase the community's access to your programming.
  5. Sustainability: Describe the activities planned to increase your organization's sustainability.
  6. Community Support: Describe specifically, the ways the community supports your organization. 
  7. Outcomes: Describe specifically, the outcomes expected for activities planned during the grant period.
  8. For Small Grants Program Requests: Identify and explain the reason for the request for small grant funding, as well as the project goals, activities and timeline.
  9. Anti-discrimination Policy: Indicate whether your organization has anti-discrimination practices or policies and provide a description of any diversity component of your organization's work.
  10. If you have received a Musser Fund grant in the past two years: Please list the goals you identified for that grant period and provide a brief summary of your progress toward those goals, especially in the following areas: increasing access to your services, increasing your organizational sustainability, and increasing support from your community.


Personnel Lists:

  • Staff - please include a staff list identifying the organization's leaders and the experience they bring to the organization.
  • Board of Directors - please include a list of the Board of Directors, including their affiliations and their terms.

Letters of Support: 

  • Please include letters of support from 2-4 key community members (independent individuals and/or representatives of entities in your community) that support your organization’s work in your community. These letters should not be from individuals who are paid or unpaid staff, contractors, or Board members of the organization. Please make sure the letters are signed and, when appropriate, on letterhead. The Fund is only able to consider letters that are part of the online proposal when it is submitted.


  • You may also upload other information you feel would help in reviewing your proposal.


The following budget attachments must be submitted as pdfs:

  • Please upload your organization's projected budget for the current year. Include expenses and revenue detail, revenue sources, amounts, and what is secured and what is pending.
  • Please upload a final budget (or profit and loss statement) for the most recently completed year. Include budget vs. actual, revenue, expense and source detail.
  • Please upload your organization's balance sheet from the most recent completed year.  If your organization does not create a balance sheet, please upload your organization's most recent 990 tax form.
  • Project Budget - If you are applying for support through the Small Grants Program, please provide a project budget. Please include expense and revenue detail, revenue sources, amounts, and what is secured and what is pending.

Anti-discrimination Policy:

  • If your organization has a written anti-discrimination policy, please provide it.

 IRS Status

  • Please include a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter from the IRS.